Chelsea Meissner
Username TheLazySora
Birth Date June 13, 1985
Hometown Charleston, South Carolina
Occupation Medical sales
Swimmer's Survivor 2


Placement 1/24
Alliance Bikal alliance

The Female Fans Alliance

Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 39

Chelsea Meissner is a contestant from and the winner of Swimmers Survivor 2: Fans vs. Favorites. She is also a contestant from SS6: South Pacific. Chelsea is known for being the first female winner of SS, as well as earning more jury votes than any other contestant at a Final Tribal Council, which totaled in 11 jury votes.


Chelsea started off in SS2 as a fan from the Bikal tribe, which she remained on throughout all of the tribe swaps up until the merge. She remained true to her Bikal alliance throughout the merge, up until the final 7, at which point she and fellow female fan Kim Spradlin turned on and voted out Russell Hantz. Ultimately, Chelsea and fellow female fans Kim and Sugar Kiper navigated their way to the final 4, at which point Malcolm Freberg and Kim were both eliminated in a double elimination, thus leaving Chelsea and Sugar as the final 2 for the season, who were judged by a jury of 12. At the final tribal council, Chelsea crushed Sugar, earning 11 of the 12 jury votes, and thus becoming the second person and first female to be crowned Sole Survivor of SS.


  • Out of all the winners so far, Chelsea has recieved the most jury votes to win with 11.
    • She was 1 vote away from recieving all 12 votes.
  • Chelsea was the leader and creator of the female fan alliance, known as "The Black Widow Brigade"
  • Chelsea was the only person to beat Brett Clouser in an immunity challenge that season.
    • she then went on to winning the final immunity challenge that season as well.
  • Chelsea was the last person her season to have someone write her name down.
  • Chelsea, Sugar, and Russell were the only ones to be on the Bikal tribe for all three tribe swaps.
  • Chelsea is the only winner of SS to never be voted out.