Ian Rosenberger is a contestant from SS3. He later competed in SS6: South Pacific.

Ian Rosenberger
Username Skydog34
Birth Date August 24, 1981 (Age 32)
Hometown Unfortunately LaFayette, GA
Swimmer's Survivor 3

Fei Long

Hae Da Fung

Placement 3/18
Alliances The Fei Long Alliance

Two Bros No Hoes Alliance

Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 22
Days Lasted 32
Swimmer's Survivor 6

█ Upolu
Te Tuna

Placement TBA
Alliances TBA
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against TBA
Days Lasted TBA

Ian first appeared in SS3, where he debuted on Day 7 and ultimately made it to the final 3, and became 2nd Runner-Up. Ian was asked to return for SS4: Cook Islands alongside his ally Stephen. However, Ian declined the offer, which is why Amanda was also cut from the final SS4 cast, and the two were instead replaced by SS2 players Kim and Malcolm. Ian is remembered mostly for having the most votes out of anyone in Swimmer's Survivor, or ANY of Swimmer's camps, with a whopping 22 votes.


Voting History

Ian's Voting History
Episode Ian's
Voted Against
Debuted, Day 7
3 Natalie Natalie
4 Fei Long Tribe Immunity
5 Eddie Eddie
6 Fei Long Tribe Immunity
7 Fei Long Tribe Immunity
8 Brandon Brandon, Sherri, Francesca,
Lisa, Amanda;
Sherri, Francesca
9 Sherri Sherri, Francesca, Lisa,
Amanda, Kat
10 Lisa -
11 Francesca Francesca, Kat, Sandra
12 Amanda Lisa, Amanda
13 Lisa Lisa, Kat
14 Kat Kat
Jury Votes
for Ian
2nd Runner-Up, Day 39


Voting History

Ian's Voting History
Episode Ian's
Voted Against
1 Sherri -
2 Sherri -
3 Savaii Tribe Immune
4 Stephen -
5 Upolu Tribe Immune
6 Upolu Tribe Immune
7 Upolu Tribe Immune
8 Chelsea -
9 R.C. -
10 Chelsea -
[11] - Individual Immunity


  • Ian has the record for most votes against in a season, accumulating 22 in total during SS3.
  • In SS3, Ian made it to day 39, but debuted at day 7, so he has actually only played for 32 days.
  • Ian is one of two people to debut (the other being Cirie).
    • He is the only one to make it to Final Tribal Council.
  • Ian was the only male castaway to find an idol in SS3.
  • Ian is one of the few people to have never been voted out in SS.
    • The others being: Nick, Colby, Boston Rob, Sugar, and Chelsea
  • Ian won his first individual immunity challenge on Day 26 in SS6, which he was completely shocked by.
  • Ian was known for his silly confessionals that only diehard Survivor fans would understand. The host himself said this is probably what cost Ian the game, as people didn't see him to be as serious as his ally Stephen.
  • Ian was asked back for both SS4 and SS5, but declined, saying he wanted a break from SS and wanted to compete in an All-Stars season. He later returned for SS6: South Pacific -- All-Stars.
  • Ian received votes at every tribal council he attended except for one.
    • Coincidentally, if he would have received votes at that tribal, he would have went home.
  • Ian voted in the majority every single vote he attended except one.
  • Ian is credited for the exposure of Sherri's cheating tactics in SS6, directly resulting in her elimination.
    • This is the second time Ian has been responsible for Sherri's demise, as he idoled her out in their original season, SS3.
  • Ian is also known to have very few supporters, although he received widespread recognition and praise for Sherri's disqualification in SS6.