Julia Landauer
S26 Julia Landauer
Username FlaggedAlot
Birth Date November 12, 1992 (age 21)
Hometown Stanford, California
Occupation Professional Floater
Swimmer's Survivor 4: Cook Islands


Placement 13/20

The Raro Alliance

Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 2
Days Lasted 19

SS4: Cook Islands

Julia started off SS4 by being put on the Raro tribe along with former player Kim, and fellow new castaways Boston Rob, Colby, and Corinne. Despite being underestimated as a tribe, they proved to be strong physically, winning challenge after challenge. On Day 8, when everyone in the game was offered the opportunity to mutiny, Raro was the only tribe to remain completely intact, with not one member mutinying to another tribe, including Julia. In addition, former Hiki members Krista and Kenny, and former Puka members Lisa and Lex came to join the Raro five to form a new Raro tribe of nine. Because the newly formed Raro tribe vastly outnumbered the new Hiki and Puka tribes, it was sent to an auto-tribal council. During Julia's first visit to tribal council, under the wishes of fellow tribe mate Corinne, she voted Lex, whom she convinced to mutiny out of the assumption that Boston Rob and Colby would mutiny, out of their tribe in a 7-2 vote. After Lex's elimination, Julia and her tribe mates enjoyed back-to-back immunities. However, on Day 18, the Triple Tribal Twist was announced, and all three tribes were told that they would all go to tribal council and vote someone out. Julia rallied her tribe together to vote out tribe mate Krista, but her scheming ultimately painted a target on her back, so when Krista unexpectedly played an idol and negated all the votes against her, the vote bounced back on Julia, who was voted out right before the merge in a 2-1-0 vote, which marked the departure of the first Raro tribe mate in SS4.

Voting History

Julia's Voting History
Episode Julia's
Voted Against
Clean Sweep Raro Tribe Immunity
Love the Way You Lie Raro Tribe Immunity
Find My Footing Lex -
Crippled Raro Tribe Immunity
Moves to Be Made Raro Tribe Immunity
Cut Short Krista Krista, Corinne
Voted Off, Day 19

SS5: Guatemala

Julia was confirmed to play in SS5: Gautemala, with 8 other returning second chance players, as well as 9 new players.


  • Julia was the lowest placing member of Raro, voted out at 13th.
    • This is similar to Jessica "Flicka" Smith in the real Survivor: Cook Islands