Nakúm (1)
Tribe Profile
Season SS5
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed

Day 1

Rival Tribe(s) █ Yaxhá
Tribe Status Merged with Yaxhá on
Day 18
Challenge Wins 2
Member Placement
Bobby Jon Drinkard

Day 3

Candice Cody

Sole Survivor
Day 39

Danielle DiLorenzo

Day 8

Danni Boatwright

8th Jury Member
Day 37

Fabio Birza

2nd Jury Member
Day 24

John Cody

Day 17

Nick Stanbury

Day 39

Tom Westman

Day 19

Zoe Zanidakis

Day 11

Nakúm is a tribe from SS5. Nakúm was one of the two starting tribes of SS5, and it lost the majority of the challenges prior to the merge. In fact, only 4 of its tribe members made the jury phase of the game. However, despite their numbers disadvantage, the final 2 of SS5 were both from Nakúm: Candice and Nick, with Candice ultimately claiming all nine jury votes and becoming the sole survivor.


  • Bobby Jon Drinkard, noobie portrayed by maynorpatty
  • Candice Cody, known for voting in the majority but was blindsided when Brandon Hantz betrayed the alliance and got Michelle Yi to play her idol, sending Candice out of the game, portrayed by TDROTI4Ever
  • Danielle DiLorenzo, known for playing her idol on Stephan, negating all of his votes but was part of a tie-breaker scenario where she was voted off, portrayed by totaldramafreak2132
  • Danni Boatwright, noovie portrayed by CommandoZoey123
  • Fabio Birza, known for being blindsided by Brandon Hantz at his tribes first tribal council, despite originally being his ally, portrayed by Explosion772.
  • John Cody, noobie portrayed by tdifan133
  • Nick Stanbury, noobie portrayed by Heather201029
  • Tom Westman, noobie portrayed by MrLiVeFoRdRaMa
  • Zoe Zanidakis, known for being blindsided by SS veteran Stephan and her rivalry with Danielle DiLorenzo, portrayed by TdaFanClub


  • Candice is the second person ever in SS history to completely sweep a jury, following Abi-Maria Gomes from SS4.
  • Tom Westman is the first person in SS history to make the merge but not make the jury or finals.
  • Candice was the only tribe member from Nakúm to win individual immunity.