Stephen Fishbach is a contestant from SS2, SS3, and SS4.

Stephen Fishbach
Username Magge5L
Birth Date January 24, 1979 (Age 34)
Hometown New York, New York
Occupation Corporate Consultant
Swimmer's Survivor 2


Placement 24/24
Alliance -
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 9
Days Lasted 3
Swimmer's Survivor 3

Fei Long Hae Da Fung

Placement 1/18
Alliance Fei Long Alliance

Two Bros No Hoes Alliance

Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 1
Days Lasted 39
Swimmer's Survivor 4

Aitu Hiki Aitutonga

Placement 9/20
Alliance Aitu Alliance

Veterans Alliance

Aitu-Hiki Alliance

Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 13
Days Lasted 29


Stephen first appears in the SS series back in Swimmer's Survivor 2: Fans & Favorites. In this season, he found himself on the Bikal tribe, which was intermixed with both fans and favorites. 

There was an instant target on his back, because of a past rivalry with Russell. When his tribe lost the first challenge, he tried to go for the many swing votes, but failed. He was voted out in a vote of 9-2-1.


After SS2, Jeff meant Stephen had a big enough impact on the first season, to let him come back for a second chance. This time, Stephen was put on Fei Long, along with two other returnees Jay and Cochran. 

Stephen quickly got into a majority alliance, the "Fei Long alliance"  with everyone except for Natalie and Cochran. After Fei Long lost the first challenge, Cochran was voted out for being the weakest link.

After Fabio's blindside, Ian and Cirie debuted into the game. Stephen knew Cirie from before the game, and told her that they would team up at the merge. Ian was accepted into the alliance, after proving to be hard working in the challenges. Even though he was considered to be voted out the first tribal council he went to, Natalie got taken out for messing up the challenge.

When Zhan Hu lost the next challenge, Sandra and JT were in danger. So along with Jay, Stephen decided to make a move. They told Brandon that Laura was out to get him, and had the idol to do so. Brandon fell for the trick, and Laura left, saving Sandra and JT.

Following this was the double elimination. Ian was once again in danger, but Eddie seemed to be a little bit close to Kat and Lisa, so Stephen, Amanda and Jay decided to take Eddie out instead. JT was taken out on Zhan Hu, leaving Sandra all alone to join Stephen at the tribe swap.


Voting History


  • Every time Stephen played, his tribe lost the first challenge.