Zhan Hu
Tribe Profile
Season SS3
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed

Day 1

Rival Tribe(s) Fei Long
Tribe Status Merged with Fei Long
on Day 22
Challenge Wins 2
Member Placement
Fabio Birza

Day 6

Laura Alexander

Day 11

J.T. Thomas

Day 14

Benry Henry

Day 18

Brandon Hantz

2nd Jury Member
Day 23

Sherri Biethman

3rd Jury Member
Day 25

Cirie Fields

4th Jury Member
Day 27

Francesca Hogi

5th Jury Member
Day 30

Sandra Diaz-Twine

Day 39

Zhan Hu is a tribe from SS3.

Zhan Hu didn't win many challenges, they only won 2. As a tribe they imploded, with a stuggle for power Brandon split the tribe into 2, this was unfortunate for some members when there was a tribe swap and those actions of Brandon left Sherri and Benry in the minority. Brandon, Cirie, Francesca, Sandra and Sherri made it to the merge, one by one the former Zhan Hu members were voted out back to back. Brandon, Sherri, Cirie then Francesca, leaving Sandra the sole survivor of the Zhan Hu tribe. Sandra went on to come Runner-Up and lose to Stephen.



S21 benry t S26 brandon t S16 cirie t

S21 fabio tt S26 francesca t S20 jt t

S26 laura t S20 sandra tt S26 sherri t

  Benry Henry

 Brandon Hantz

 Cirie Fields

 Fabio Birza

 Francesca Hogi

 J.T. Thomas

 Laura Alexander

 Sandra Diaz-Twine

►  Sherri Biethman

Tribe SwapEdit

S21 benry t S24 jay t S24 kat t

S20 sandra tt S26 sherri t S18 stephen t

► ►  Benry Henry

 Jay Byars

 Kat Edorsson

► ►  Sandra Diaz-Twine

► ►  Sherri Biethman

 Stephen Fishbach

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