Zoe Zanidakis
Username Tdafanclub
Birth Date March 17, 1966
Hometown Monhegan Island, Maine
Occupation Fishing Boat Captain
Swimmer's Survivor 4


Placement 19/20
Alliances None
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 6
Swimmer's Survivor 5


Placement 15/18
Alliances Newbies & Zoe
Challenges Won 1
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 11

Zoe Zanidakis is a contestant from SS4: Cook Islands who was speculated by many to be the winner of the season, but was voted out pre-merge. She returned for SS5 in hopes of redeeming herself, but was eliminated pre-merge again.

SS4: Cook IslandsEdit

Zoe came into the game backed by many as the winner of the season and the best of the newbies. She started with trying to make an alliance with Frosti and Danielle. Her tribe was the first one to lose the challenge(despite being hyped pre season as teh dominate tribe) and when Frosti never replied, Zoe, Danielle and Stephen targeted him. However Frosti did try and swing the votes to try and get Zoe eliminated, but was instead voted out himself, with his sole vote going towards Zoe. The next tribal, her tribe yes again lost. Zoe decided to make a big move and target the vet Stephen, knowing his past game and seeing how big a threat he was. Zoe felt in danger however, feeling she did not have full trust in Danielle. Ultimately, her instincts were right as she was unanimousely voted out, coming in 19th place. 


Zoe came back to SS5 wanting to win. She instantly made a crosstribal alliance with Lex, hoping they would be make the merge together and dominate the game. Zoe instantly flipped from the vets to the newbies side, in hopes of making it furthur into the game with them, after not trusting the vets. At first, her plan was working in voting out her old nemisis Danielle. However, others caught on. An idol was played, but regardless, Zoe was voted out having outlasted her past record, but still being pre-jury.


  • While many people believe Zoe was hated in SS5 by comments, Tdafanclub has confirmed that MrSimtasic and Tdifan133 are good friends of his who were trolling the comments.
  • Zoe is known for her feud with fellow contestant Danielle.
  • Zoe's main alliance in SS5 was with John.